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dj exceed - keep the faith


01. Michael Franti & Spearhead – Oh my god
02. Charles Bradley – The World (Is Going Up In Flames)
03. The Monophonics – Say What You Want
04. The Soul Sessions feat. Karl Frierson – Soul Desire
05. Dojo Cuts feat. Roxie Ray – Sometimes it Hurts
06. Gabin feat. Z-Star – Life Is So Beautiful
07. Space Invadas – Rise
08. Bing Ji Ling – Hold Tight (Colm K. Remix)
09. Ben Westbeech – Sugar
10. K’Bonus feat. JtotheC – Dance, Baby, Dance
11. Lenny Kravitz – Superlove
12. Tahuna Breaks – Empower Me
13. Weeland & The Urban Soul Collective – Butterfly
14. Shareholder Tom & Alison Degbe – By Your Side
15. Modo Solar – Natural (Patchworks Remix)
16. Lack Of Afro – The Importance Of Elsewhere
17. The Baker Brothers – Snap Back
18. The Black Seeds – Take Your Chances
19. The Diplomats of Solid Sound – Hurt Me So (LOA Remix)
20. Funky Destination – All For The Money
21. J’Boogies Dubtronic Science – Undercover
22. Jazzanova – Flashback
23. Electric Wire Hustle – They Don’t Want
24. The Bamboos – I Got Burned
25. Smoove & Turrell – Slow Down
26. Mr President – Get It Sometime
27. Hawa – Catch A Fire

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