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Soulmessenger TV

Ola Egbowon

Episode 4
GUESTS: Ola Egbowon

  Ola Egbawon is possibly the most soulful voice in Austria. Born in Nigeria’s capital Lagos, singing in the local gospel choirs. he is now living in Vienna and has worked with nearly all notable artists of his adopted homeland including Hubert Tubbs and the Radio Superfly Orchestra.   This episode is bridging the gap […]

Die Falschen Hasen

Episode 3
GUESTS: Die Falschen Hasen

    The 3rd episode of Soulmessenger TV turns the spotlight on “Die Falschen Hasen”. The Vienna based funk group is known for their very eccentric and uplifting live performances. Their vintage sound, with heavy drum sections and outlandish guitar riffs is quite different to other soul & funk groups and makes the band very […]

Jörg Recordshack

Episode 2
GUESTS: Jörg Recordshack

    Jörg Recordshack is a DJ & Record Shop Owner in Vienna, Austria. He’s been djing for more than 20 years and celebrated his 10 years anniversary of his club series „Sound Of Soul“ in November 2011.   In this episode we talk with him about his early Mod & Northern Soul years, his […]

Keni Burke & Ralph Tee

Episode 1
GUESTS: Keni Burke & Ralph Tee

  On the 28th October 2011, Keni Burke, the soul legend from Chicago, known for hits like “Let somebody love you” or “Risin To The Top”, appeared for the first time in Austria.  Club Soulkitchen by mastermind Gustav Ebinger invited Keni Burke to play one of his rare concerts together with the Superfly Radio Orchestra […]