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Ola Egbowon

Ola Egbowon

Episode 4
GUESTS: Ola Egbowon


Ola Egbawon is possibly the most soulful voice in Austria. Born in Nigeria’s capital Lagos, singing in the local gospel choirs. he is now living in Vienna and has worked with nearly all notable artists of his adopted homeland including Hubert Tubbs and the Radio Superfly Orchestra.


This episode is bridging the gap between his early influences and his life now as a soul singer in Austria. Get to know how much work he has put into his musical career and learn more about his actual single „Got 2 Give“, where he teamed up with the internationally known producer Rodney Hunter.


Record of the Episode: Fela Kuti „Black President“


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Lessons in Soul: Fela Kuti


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Part of Soul

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Rodney Hunter feat. Ola Egbowon „Got 2 Give“

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