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Keni Burke & Ralph Tee

Keni Burke & Ralph Tee

Episode 1
GUESTS: Keni Burke & Ralph Tee


On the 28th October 2011, Keni Burke, the soul legend from Chicago, known for hits like “Let somebody love you” or “Risin To The Top”, appeared for the first time in Austria.  Club Soulkitchen by mastermind Gustav Ebinger invited Keni Burke to play one of his rare concerts together with the Superfly Radio Orchestra and the Haydn String Orchestra in the monumental castle „Schloss Esterhazy“ in Eisenstadt, Austria.


In this episode I’m gonna talk with Keni and Ralph Tee, the DJ- Legend from London and Co-founder of Expansion records and of course you’ll see some nice impressions of the concert as well.


Further Ralph Tee presents his „Record of the Episode“ and you get to know Chicago’s „Record Row“ in my „Lessons in Soul“.





Keni Burke Fanpage

Ralph Tee’s radio show on Jazz FM

Expansion Records

Club Soulkitchen


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