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Jörg Recordshack

Jörg Recordshack

Episode 2
GUESTS: Jörg Recordshack



Jörg Recordshack is a DJ & Record Shop Owner in Vienna, Austria. He’s been djing for more than 20 years and celebrated his 10 years anniversary of his club series „Sound Of Soul“ in November 2011.


In this episode we talk with him about his early Mod & Northern Soul years, his sources for his rare records and how he keeps vinyl alive. Jörg will also present his „Record of the Episode“ and you learn more about the history of Northern Soul in my „Lessons in Soul“.



Record of The Episode: Big Ella – „The Queen“


Buy Big Ella „The Queen“ at Recordshack



Lessons in Soul: The History of Northern Soul


Watch „The Obsession that is Northern Soul“




Jörg Recordshack

Sound of Soul


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