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Highlights 2013

Dj Exceed 2013



Well, this has been a wonderful year for me.  So I’d thought it’s a good time now to  look back to what happened this year and say thanks to all the people who supported me. So let me recap my personal highlights of 2013:



A special thanks goes out to all the radio hosts who played my mixes like EZ Icarus, Turtle from Fresh From The Sewer, Doctor Hooka, Dr. Best, and to all the blogs out there including breakzlinkz ,, soulguru and of course Ghetto Funk.


Most of all I like to say thanks to everyone, who joined me at one of my live gigs  and MUCH  MUCH LOVE to the thousands of people who listened to my mixes. THANK YOU!


I’m so delighted about the great feedback I’ve received and I’d like to give something back to you. That’s why I digged into my crates and pulled out the first mix i’ve ever recorded. The mix is called “From N.Y. Straight Talk” and features a selection of my favourite hip hop tunes from the place where it all started. It’s shows where I’m musically coming from and it’s the first time the mix gets digitally released. For sure I made it available as a free download for you!


I wish y’all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year… and may the funk be in your area!



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