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Dj Exceed - Breakbeat Paradise Dj Mix Contest 2013



End of July the  amazing Breakbeat Paradise Recordings Label were calling out  to all the funky DJs around the world to create the ultimate Breakbeat Paradise DJ Mix.


The challenge

Create a 30 min DJ Mix with all your favourite BBP tunes and submit it to before Sep 1st 2013 to win one of the following prizes:
1. Place: All 12 released BBP 12″ Vinyls + All digital releases (71 Digital EP/Albums) – The Entire Catalog!
2. Place: All digital releases (71 Digital EP/Albums)
3. Place: Paradise Breaks Compilations Vol. 1,2 & 3
All winners will be added to the promolist and receive all upcoming release as digital download.


Got a job to do

As I’m a great fan of this label and their artists & releases, I followed their request and accepted the challenge.

I digged through all my BBP releases, picked up the best ones, put them into a groovy mix and spiced it all up with some nice scratches. I really tried to create a mix that comes up with a good retrospective of all the BBP releases, but still focusing on a funky, easy-listening selection. That’s what came out:

And the winner is…

On the 8th Sept. the  final decision has been made and I am so glad that I made it on top!

I am happy that my mix has met the expectations of the ultimate Breakbeat Paradise Mix and I like to thank everyone for the support and the great feedback!!! I really appreciate it!!!

Last but not least, I like to thank all the artists from BBP for their great releases to make this mix even possible and of course big respect to all the other djs, who really showed amazing skills. RESPECT!!!


Here you can find all the mixes and the final results:





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