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It's been a long time...

dj exceed - donauinselfest 2013 d


Yeah, it’s really been around a long time since I have posted any news, but you know, by all the stuff that I am doin, there ain’t much time for keeping my blog up to date. I’m sorry, but at the end I wanna bring you some good quality music and not hundres of blog entries. Anyway, you can still follow me on my Facebook Page, where I much more active.

So, what happened the last weeks?

Well, I was djing a lot incl. a spring-regular at Red Room Vienna, which is really a nice club you should check out when visiting the city. Best cocktails in town and the food in the belonging restaurant „Comida“ is really delicious.

Another highlight, of course, the Ride On Festival, where I played along my old friends from G-Spot Sound, Vienna’s Heavyweight Reggae Soundsystem and my P-N-C Andow, who created some noise these days with his remix of „Cash Money“ for the Basement Freaks.

The best thing was though, that I was elected to one of this years EUTOPIA.AT Dj Contest Winners 2013, which enabled me to mix live on their stage at Donauinselfest 2013, Europe’s biggest open air festival with over 2 Mio total visitors. Here some expressions:

dj exceed - donauinselfest 2013 ddj exceed - donauinselfest 2013 c



dj exceed - donauinselfest 2013 bdj exceed - donauinselfest 2013 a


Next on the plan is the release of my new mixtape called „These Are The Breaks“ featuring all my favourite Ghetto & Nu Funk hits. Here’s the teaser:



You see I am really busy these days,so stayed tuned and watch out for some new stuff from your boy…



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