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Smoove - First Class

Smoove First Class Banner



Smoove – First Class


Smoove is the archetypal B Boy made good. Despite his huge international success with Smoove & Turrell and his ability to craft jazz, soul, latin, hip hop and funk into world beating dancefloor killers, Smoove can still be found every weekend playing live behind the decks in Germany, Russia, Italy, UK or wherever his diary tells him he has to go.

The endless flights, trains and hotel rooms are dead time to some DJ’s but Smoove is always creating new tunes for his set on the fly and working his different influences into the remixes and productions he is currently on. There were at least 40 remixes that could have been included on this album but in the end he chose the ones that worked best together and made the album flow like one of his legendary DJ sets.

Frist Class is out Jalapeno Records, UK’s longest running independent dance labels combining all types of genres which are all linked by one simple fact -> It’s got to have the funk!Therefore it’s no wonder that also remixes of Smoove’s label collegues can be found on this album like the the one for Kraak & Smaak “Call Up To Heaven”, which is available for free download:


Besides that, the album contains a number of exclusives including the remix of the new Third Degree track and a killer remix of Afrka Bambataa, Charlie Funk and King Kamonzi.

With “First Class” Smoove once again proved the he is one of the best producers out there when it comes to funky music. The production skills are very versatile as he jumps from disco to funk, jazz to soul, hip hop to house and back again. For me the album “First Class” is definitely one of my Top 3 releases in 2012.

Here’s a little  preview of the album:




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