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Yo Brothers & Sisters, it’s done!!!

My new mix, called “Keep The Faith” is out on the streets and as we are in the digital era -> out on the web!!!

This time I wanted to create a mix that is focused on contemporary soul & funk. That’s why most of the featured tracks were released in 2012 or just a little earlier. So basically, this mix is my personal “Best Of 2012″.

The mixtape starts with socially critical songs from Michael Franti and Charles Bradley, before it goes on with some smooth love songs by The Monophonics, The Soul Sessions or Dojo Cuts. Followed by some more electronically produced songs like the incredible remix of Bing Ji Ling‘s “Hold Tight”or “Rise” from the Space Invadas, the mixtape continues the dj-exceed-way… uplifting funk tunes from my all time favourites Lack of Afro, The Baker Brothers or super-producer Patchworks combined with reggae influenced songs from Tahuna Breaks or The Black Seeds. The mixtape ends, following the title “Keep The Faith”, with feel-good songs by Smoove & Turrell, Mr. Presindent and Hawa.

But enough talking, just listen and keep the faith in these hard times!!!


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