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Timewarp Music - Freestyle 4 Funk 2

Timewarp Freesstyle 4 Funk 2


Timewarp Music is an independent Greek record label whose musical style moves through Nu-Funk, Dub, Breaks and Freestyle paths.

Its the creation of Angelos ‚Timewarp‘ Stoumpos since 2004, Timewarp Music, was inspired by the fresh Nu-Funk and Dub Electronica music stream that at the time was blooming in the neighborhouds of Vienna, Berlin and Washington, the purpose was to present this sound in Greece and has managed up to know to become the home of 35 and more musicians, dj’s and bands.

Since 2007 Timewarp is one of the first electronica funk, dub, breaks, downtempo and house labels that believed in the digital era of music business. A big stir was created in the market and till now Timewarp Music is one of the most respected labels all over the globe, by bringing constantly fresh food to the music industry.

With their recent compilation “Freestyle 4 Funk 2” Timewarp Music presents the anniversary 100th Digital Release. After all these years Timewarp Music decides to say a big thank you! with a massive release. This  twenty eight (28!) track compilation features Timewarp’s  best sellers and top tunes they have released in the past four years together with some new unreleased tracks.

If you like Breaks and Grooves with a funky flavor  you definitely have to check out this album. It’s BIG!!!



Here’s one of my favourite tunes from the album:


Also check out my “Behind the Groove” mix, where many Timewarp artists are featured.



Timewarp Music


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