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Jazzanova - Funkhaus Studio Sessions


Jazzanova takes it to the next stage: The Funkhaus Studio Sessions.

Jazzanova producers, Stefan Leisering & Axel Reinemer, went into the studio with their 7 piece live band with Paul Randolph on vocals to record a 14 track set.

The „Funkhaus Studio Sessions“ marks Jazzanova’s first live album release, including the songs the band learned to love the most on tour over the last three years as well as the audience’s favourites.  It’s very rare to see a studio album so alive, fleshly, organic and solid at the same time. It captures the feel of a live recording but without any flaws due to poor recording equipment or sound aesthetics.

The sessions at the legendary GDR Rundfunk Orchestra studios in East Berlin have also been filmed. Check out the video to „I Human“ for some of its footage. With „Funkhaus Studio Sessions“ Jazzanova will take you and their music to the next stage.






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