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Ray Lugo - We Walk Around Like This

Ray Lugo - We Walk Around Like This


For over a decade, Ray Lugo has crisscrossed the globe bringing his punky afro grooves to countless audiences as leader and singer of New York powerhouse Kokolo.


A Big Apple native, Lugo grew up in the city’s notorious Lower East Side district, listening to the sounds of golden-era salsa, early punk, ska, disco, classic funk and the spell of the nascent hip hop scene. “There weren’t as many divisions in music as there are today” states Ray Lugo “ We would dance listening to a loop of Bob James’ “Mardi Gras” break, graffiti listening to Kraftwerk and make love listening to The Commodores. Nobody cared what the people who made that music looked like as long as we could feel it”.

Well known for his appreciation of a variety of soulful styles, in 2009 Lugo began to expand the range of his musical output through a pair of well-received 7”s under the moniker L.E.S. Express.

Following the enthusiastic response to the L.E.S. Express project, Lugo set out to explore his long-held interest in the classic “Boogaloo” sound of 1960’s New York, eventually forming Ray Lugo & The Boogaloo Destroyers in 2011, culminating with the group’s critically-acclaimed debut album, “Mi Watusi”. In 2012,  Lugo debuts his first solo album, “We Walk Around Like This”, welcoming the sounds of Bahia, Lagos, Kingston, San Juan, and Harlem all under one umbrella and echoing Lugo’s eclectic tastes.


Ray Lugo

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