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The Soul Snatchers - Scratch My Itch

The Soul Snatchers - Scratch My Itch


Real Soul Music never dies. That’s what the Dutch band The Soul Snatchers prove every time with their down to earth funk and soul tunes that find their roots in the sexy Sixties and Seventies. The Soul Snatchers combine unknown classics and original compositions and are taking pure soul Music right across the bridge into the new century.

In February 2012 they released the long awaited second full album  „Scratch My Itch“ on Unique Records. The album is once again a feast for the listener containing lots of 70’s funk grooves, soulful vocals, powerful horns and a grindin’ Hammond organ, this all served with some ‘swampy’ New Orleans flavor. The Soul Snatchers don’t claim to have invented Soul Music, neither do they pretend to re-invent it. They just HAVE it!


The Soul Snatchers

Unique Records



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