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Valique - Ever And So Far

Valique - Ever And So Far


VALIQUE is a Russian dj, musician, composer/songwriter, producer, remixer, sound-engineer and whatever you think of the musical professions is most possibly here. Since early 90’s he is sharpening his musical instruments in multiple styles, be it jazz or funk, soul or disco, ethnic or Indian.

In 2006 Valique sent out several demos of his new album and immediately got signed to the legendary funk label Freestyle Records, releasing his first vinyl 12″ „Taking Your Seat“ that brought him recognition in funk and soul scene. Meanwhile Valique has become an in-demand remixer for artists like, The Basement Freaks, Dublex Inc. or Bajka.

Now he released his brand new album „Ever and so far“ on the German label Infracom!. I highly recommend this album to all lovers of nu funk, breakbeat and groove lovers.

Here’s my favourite tune of the album „Let It Go Now“ feat. Maya.




Valique on Infracom! Records



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