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Dj Exceed at Café Ebinger

Cafe Ebinger



In Dec. 2011 Gustav Ebinger, who also founded  „Club Soulkitchen“ finally fulfilled his dream by openening up his own soul-café. At Café Ebinger you can get the best coffee, delicious food, nice drinks plus a lot of soul. Every Friday Cafe Ebinger literally turns into a „Soulcafé“ as many different djs incl. Samir Köck, Shantisan or Miss Ümit come over to bring the spirit of soul into his place with high quality music.

It is a great pleasure to play there  every first Friday of the month and I really like the atmosphere of being along with friends of soulful music. On 2. March, which is acutally next Friday, you have the next chance to visit Café Ebinger and see me live. As it is also my birthday it’s gonna be got damn funky… so I hope to see many of you out there celebrating good times with me!!!

Here’s a little preview…


Cafe Ebinger

Cafe Ebinger at Facebook

Café Ebinger
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