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The Soul Sessions - One



“What is soul ?” Ralph Kiefer knows that this is a question which may prove to be too complex for just one simple answer. The composer, multi-faceted instrumentalist and producer from the South of Germany has been around as a solo piano artist, bandleader and session musician in recent years, With THE SOUL SESSION, Kiefer now sets out to explore the many facets of the possible answers to the question.
Time knows no boundaries in THE SOUL SESSION, nor do genres. It is the backbeat which counts on their debut album “ONE”. “Struggles And Blessings” is the apt opener. Bajka, who has been busy with Bonobo, reflecting her unmistakable vocal style. De-Phazz vocalist Karl Frierson then dives soul deep into a modern fusion track. “Soul Desire” builds a bridge from the spirituality of the Seventies to the urgency of the present.

Another track featuring Karl Frierson is the song “Underneath“.. Here we see THE SOUL SESSION at their best: Beautifully crafted compositions, a tight rhythm section and cleverly worked out arrangements. “Not a bad thing to achieve in 2011. Then, of course, there is “Light My Fire”. Yes, it is the Doors tune and you may be tempted to think that there is no chance to put some fresh perspective to a classic like this. But wait until you have checked out this version with RALPH KIEFER himself on vocal duties.

THE SOUL SESSION steps into the arena with a longplayer full of pleasant surprises: A profound sense of history, respect and deep understanding of jazz, soul, funk and electronic music, connected with a high-profile musicianship and amazing songwriting skills. This is definitely “one” rare treat these days – and it’s all about Soul!

Here’s the promo ep of the album „THE ONE“:



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