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Jean Wells - Soul On Soul

Dj Exceed


Jean Wells’ story is not an extraordinary one in the world of soul, although her voice certainly was. Jean Wells was born in West Palm Beach, Florida on August 1, 1942. After graduating from high school, Jean journeyed to Philadelphia, where she recorded various singles including „Song of the Bells“, „I Know He Loves Me“ and „Don’t Come Running To Me” which was released on ABC Paramount Records. However, all these singles had only regional success.

Clyde Otis a well-known composer, who had produced some of Aretha Franklin’s finest pre-Atlantic recordings for Columbia potential saw the potential of Jean Wells’ voice. With Jean he saw a singer who could be every bit as good as Aretha and they recorded their first single „If You’ve Ever Loved Someone“.

The album „Soul On Soul“ features her greatest songs including her biggest hit ‘Have A Little Mercy’ from 1967 a glorious slice of deep soul as well as „Keep your mouth shut and your eyes open“ an uptempo northern soul stomper.

Probably back into the world of gospel, she left us with a fantastic recorded legacy, which are gathered on „Soul on Soul“. Here’s her biggest hit „Have A Little Mercy“.


Jean Wells on BBE






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