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Soulmessenger TV



After one year of hard work I finally made it happen… Soulmessenger TV is LIVE!!!

Things take sometimes longer than you think, especially when having a 9-to 5 job. But, I can tell you that I’ve spent every single minute of free time for my music, my show and my website. I really like to thank the guys from and viralvideo, Manuel, David, Phillip, Jure and Peter for making this happen!!! Because so many people dedicated so much time and effort in this project, I’m now even more happy that Soulmessenger TV is finally live!

So, what is Soulmessenger TV???

Soulmessenger TV is a web-tv format for all soul lovers out there. In my monthly webisodes I present you funky people representing the spirit of soul music, either they are a musician, artist, dj, record shop- or club owner. On the one side it is seen as a platform for my guests to express and present theirselves and on the other side it’s an informative show for soul music enthusiasts.

To make the show more groovy I also included 2 specials. All my guests present their „Record of the Episode“ and – as the show is not only made for soul-geeks –  „Lessons In Soul“ put the spotlight on the history of soul. As good things come together I already released 2 episodes. The first one features the soul legend from Chicago Keni Burke as well as Ralph Tee from London. In my second episode you learn more about Jörg Recordshack and his nice specialist record shop.

Besides the show also check out my Blog, which will be updated regularly after a time of silence in the last weeks…

If you like what I’m doing, go out and tell it all your friends or share it within your community. Soulmessenger TV is really a love thing for me, so I’m  happy about every single viewer or listener supporting my show and my music. THANKS!



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