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Venue Connection - Hide & Seek

Videos: Venue Connection „Hide & Seek“

 – The origins of the band date back to 2002 and are located in the Northeast corner of Spain, where Javier del Aguila, a.k.a. “The Lawyer of Groove” and Fara Alvarez, a.k.a. “Oriental Glamour Lady”, join forces to create an electronic jazz soul project. After releasing an EP, Angeles Dorrio a.k.a “Ms Angels Motown” joins the band and the trio self-releases their first LP “Strawberry Swan Lake” in 2005.

After a two year hiatus, in 2007 there’s a turning point in the band’s history, now established in Madrid, when they work together with the South Carolina-born Karl Frierson, a.k.a. “Karlito”, main singer of the lounge music ambassadors “De-Phazz”. They release “Madrid Boogie” in 2008 through the German label Phazz-a-delic, an ambitious project to take VenueConnection’s music further and that features other highly talented musicians of the Spanish jazz and soul scene such as Roman Filiu, Sergio Delgado or Mauri Sanchís. “Madrid Boogie” is acknowledged as “Best Album of the Year” by Acid Jazz Hispano, the most relevant web in Spanish for black music lovers.

As if this wasn’t enough, the band decides to take a step forward in search of the “perfect groove” and they gather in the summer of 2010 to record their third studio album “the old way”, keeping the energy of live music by recording with musicians playing together. To this end, they build their own studio in the hot Southeast of Spain and recruit Igor Prochazka, a.k.a. “Mr Hands” on the Rhodes piano.

VenueConnection has topped itself with its new album called „Fire It Up“, which delivers sizzling funk, tasteful slow jams and passionate vocals by Angeles Dorio and Karl Frierson. Here’s the video of their hit single „Hide & Seek“.

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