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Rodney Hunter - Got 2 Give ft. Ola Egbowon


What’s Goin‘ On – Rodney Hunter feat. Ola Egbowon „Got 2 Give“:

With „Got 2 Give“ the Austro-American DJ and internationally known Producer Rodney Hunter  drops another sure shot on his record label Hunter Records.

For this release Rodney Hunter worked togehter with the sensational Ola Egbowon, whose steamy and pushing voice simply wanna make you start to groove. Especially the Re-Treat from Sunshine Records Masterminds Madrid de los Austrias hits the ground. The uplifiting piano, combined with smoove strings and funky guitar licks in the back make this tune a massive floor burner. This record definetely shows what comes out when Vienna’s most gifted artists team up, great job!!!

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 Rodney Hunter feat. Ola Egbowon „Got 2 Give“ (Madrid De Los Austrias Re-Treat)

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